Useful Resources

Here are some resources and tools to help small business owners build their brand:

Chamber of Commerce

Memberships for your local chamber of commerce may seem expensive but they offer a lot of marketing programs that help startup businesses within your city. Being involved will surely be a guarantee that your business will be known within your area.

Fellow Business Owners

One of the characteristics of a wise businessman is looking around their area and finding ways to partner with fellow small or startup entrepreneurs. Organize frequent meetings with fellow business owners and brainstorm. This can lead to a lot of great ideas on how to promote your businesses.

Local Colleges

You have advantage if you have a community college near your business. This means that you have access to interns, entry-level applicants or a place to send your employees to get cheap training. If the college does not offer the type of education your employees need, let them know. Usually, these types of schools focus on the demands of their community.


Nothing is a better resource than you. Build your reputation by being active at your local neighborhood. Do not be afraid to engage in fundraisers or community fairs as this will help build your business’ reputation. Be always knowledgeable on the latest trends that involve your type of business.

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